The Body as a Resource: Stability and Presence

The Body and Mind session The Body as a Resource: Stability and Presence explores ways in which we can work with work and change our own embodied experience to feel more present, calm and strong in ourselves.  This session aims to offer a quiet space for dropping and experiencing the body as a safe place – a resource to rest into. There will be time for gentle movement, meditation and personal reflection.

Through movement, imagery, and meditation this session explores the mind of the skeleton; how connecting to the clarity, strength and depth of the bones (skeletal system) through movement and cultivates a sense of stability and presence. This session will conclude with a guided mountain meditation that brings this sense of stability and presence into the body so that participants leave feeling solid and strong (like a mountain).

Please wear comfortable clothing. You may like to bring your own journal for taking notes and recalling your personal reflections.  If you would like to attend this session, please register your interest as soon as possible, as numbers are limited to 12 people.