Connecting with Creativity

This group session will focus on the benefits of being creative on our wellbeing. The group size will be limited (14 people max). It is not an art class as such and no artistic experience is required.

During the session, participants will be invited to engage in two short experiential activities that will be facilitated by a Creative Arts Therapist. The focus of the activities will be on the benefits of connecting with creativity and the art making process rather than the art work created.

The first invites participants to draw while listening to a piece of music. For this activity, participants are invited to consider a favourite piece of music to listen to via headphones during the activity. (Please bring headphones).

The second invites participants draw while focusing on their breath.  

There is no expectation to share art work created in the session with the group. All art materials will be supplied.

In addition to the two in session activities, participants will take home information about a number of other activities that may assist them to engage in creativity each day.