Family Violence is a Crime

Everyone has the right to feel safe - especially in their own home. If you are not feeling safe there are processes built into the Victorian Police and Legal Systems to protect you.

  • You can use the legal system to seek protection either by going directly to the court yourself to gain an intervention order, or by asking the police to do so, if they are called to an incident at your home.
  • If you have been assaulted or are fearful of  being assaulted by your partner or a close family member - call the Police on 000 immediately
  • If you do not wish to involve Police but are fearful that you or your children are at risk of harm , you can go to the local court and apply for an intervention order.

The magistrate that hears the case may deem you at immediate risk and issue an Interim Intervention Order. If you are not deemed as at immediate risk, you will be given a court date approximately two to three weeks in advance to have the magistrate hear your complaint.

The perpetrator of abuse will be issued with a notice to attend the court at this time to either defend or agree to an order.
Attendance at court can be scary on your own - if you would like support either at court or assistance to apply for a protection order, call Minerva (5224 2903). We have a trained court support worker who can assist you.

  • In certain circumstances if you live with the abuser, you can also apply for an exclusion order. This is an order that prevents the abuser from living in the house with you - even if the rent or house payments are in his name. It is not right that women and children who are victims of family violence are also forced to flee their home with little if any belongings, in order to be safe.

His violence is not your fault

If you are living in an abusive relationship remember never to argue in the kitchen or garage to reduce his access to weapons to use against you.

Try and ensure you are standing close to the door if an argument erupts.

Have a bag packed with keys, cash and important documents. Store it where it can be grabbed in a hurry if you do need to escape - leave it at a trusted friend or family members house.

Talk to others about you safety – there are places you and your children can go where you will be believed and given support and information.

See safety tips page for information on how to stay safe while using the web or emails.