What information will Barwon CASA collect about me?

  • Name and contact details
  • Statistics about your age, place of birth, language spoken etc.
  • Type of assault (ie. childhood or adult)
  • Notes from the Counsellor Advocate describing the contact with you

If you wish your data to remain anonymous please speak with a Counsellor Advocate.

How will Barwon CASA use this information?

Barwon CASA records this information in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles 2000 in several ways
Name and contact details
We collect this information so we can contact you; if you have agreed it is okay to do so. We do not pass on your contact details on without your knowledge or consent. 
Statistics help our organisation to undertake current and future service planning by assisting us to understand the demographical characteristics and needs of the people who access our services.

Non-identifying statistics are also sent to our funding providers for reporting and compliance purposes.
Type of assault
This information helps us to understand more about the work we do at Barwon CASA and may also be used in non-identifying statistical reports.
Counsellor Advocate notes
Notes kept by the Counsellor Advocate are a record of contact with you and other relevant people that you have given us permission to contact.

Who else will have access to my information?

Information from your file may be viewed by Barwon CASA staff members. It can only be shared with professionals from other agencies if you give your permission.

There are three exceptions to this:

  1. If there is reasonable belief that a person aged 17 years or younger, is at risk of harm.
  2. If there is a reasonable belief that you may seriously hurt yourself or someone else.
  3. Sometimes, if there are court proceedings, your file may be requested through a subpoena by legal representatives. If this happens we may oppose the request in order to protect the privacy of your file. However, in the event that we are unsuccessful in defending the issuing of your file we are legally required to hand over the file. When your file is subject to a legal subpoena, we will try to contact you and inform you of this prior to any action being taken.

Is my information stored safely?

All files are kept on the premises in securely locked cabinets. When files are required for an outreach location they are transported in a secure manner.

Statistical information and electronic records are stored with secure dual password access restrictions.

Can I see my file?

You can request to see your file in the following ways:

  • Read your file while accompanied by a Counsellor Advocate who can support you and respond to any questions you may have.
  • Submit a request to receive a copy or summary report of your file.

Please ask for a copy of our policy “Access to Documents under the Freedom of Information Act” for full details.  If you identify any information in your file that you feel is incorrect or you do not agree with, you have a right to request changes be made. 

Retention of files

From 2013, Barwon CASA will retain client files indefinitely. This means at anytime in future you will be able to request your information. 
Prior to 2013 client files were retained by Barwon CASA for a period of 10 years after last contact date. Children’s files were retained on the same basis after the child had reached 18 years of age.

To request a copy of your file please ask your counsellor advocate or email

What Laws protect my information?

Our organisation complies with all the requirements of the Information Privacy Principles 2000 and the Victorian Health Services Act, including the Health Records Act 2001 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982. This governs how your information is collected, held, managed, used, disclosed, transferred or destroyed.

Need more information?

If you have further questions contact our Finance and Administration Manager during business hours on (03) 5222 4318.