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Helping young people understand consent

Help young people understand sexual consent and free agreement

Sexual assault is the umbrella term for a wide range of harmful and criminal behaviours, including:

  • rape
  • sexual harassment
  • indecent assault
  • child sexual assault
  • exposing of genitals such as ‘flashing’
  • stalking
  • watching someone without their permission when they are naked or engaged in sexual activities
  • forcing or coercing someone to watch or participate in pornography
  • posting sexual images of someone on the Internet without their consent
  • stealthing


  • Consent means free and voluntary agreement- it's a shared understanding between both people
  • Checking for consent is always your responsibility
  • Anyone can take back consent at any time - no matter how far they've gone
  • Sexual perpetration without consent is rape - it's a serious crime
  • Sexual assault covers other sexual acts without consent - it's a serious crime
  • A person cannot consent to sex if they're outside the age of consent, asleep, unconscious or so affected by drugs or alcohol they have no way of freely agreeing
  • The essentials for healthy relationships are consent, respect and communication.

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