Safety Tips

Every woman and child has a right to feel safe all of the time. If you're not feeling safe call 000 immediately.

  • If an argument starts think about your personal safety and try and steer clear of any area that can potentially store weapons e.g the kitchen or garage.
  • Stay as close to an open door as possible - a quick exit may be required.
  • Ensure you have a bank account opened in your name only and try and have emergency money in it in the event you have to flee your house.
  • Leave a bag with a spare set of keys and a change of clothes with a trusted family member, friend or neighbour that can be accessed if you do need to flee a violent situation.
  • Have identification and other important documents including your drivers licence, passport, centrelink cards etc in the emergency bag so that these items can grabbed in a hurry. If this is not possible, have certified copies that can be used as identification in the event you need to leave the originals behind.
  • Remember, family violence does not just affect you, it also affects the children. What they see and/or hear is what they learn. Children may be in another room but they may still be experiencing the trauma of violence.
  • Family violence affects children's social and emotional well-being and physical development. If you feel you could benefit from having someone to talk to or professional counselling support, chances are your child may too.