Sexual Assault Services

Barwon CASA provides free and confidential specialist counselling to women, young people, children and men who have experienced sexual assault either recently or in the past and to non-offending parents, partners, family and friends.

All counselling services provided are client-focussed though counsellor advocates may work from a particular therapeutic model. However, all counsellor advocates will endeavour to help you explore the impact of trauma on your life, sense of self and relationships. Often, people who have experienced sexual assault report experiencing anxiety, being on the lookout for danger, having flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and nightmares, low mood, difficulties maintaining relationships, employment or leisure activities. You may have experienced some of these things or you may have experienced different impacts of the trauma. All responses to a traumatic event such as a sexual assault are considered “normal” and Barwon CASA counsellor advocates can guide you to understand your experience and your responses to the sexual assault.