Testimonials from Women who have accessed Minerva

  • Minerva’s support helped me to see things clearly. They accommodated me and my 4 children very quickly. My ex was physically and emotionally abusive to us all and there was nowhere to go and no family or friends to turn to. Minerva was my Life line. 
  • The workers in Refuge gave me the best support possible. Workers treated me with respect and did not judge me. I received emotional support and was made to feel part of a family again.
  • I really found that my worker really listened to me, supported me and helped me to become a lot stronger and self-assured. I now know that it was never my fault about what I endured. I am 100% grateful for everything that Minerva has done for me. Thank You!
  • I cannot thank the Refuge staff enough for making my stay welcome. I learnt that I can do it and to be strong and to put myself first always.
  • At the end of my stay at refuge I will take with me that I can now be the person I wish to be and not to allow any man to treat me with disrespect. I am feeling a lot more empowered, still have a way to go through but thanks again to Minerva.
  • Thank you so much for providing a wonderful court support worker who helped me. She was so lovely to me and I would have probably pulled out without her support! Thank you.
  • Minerva staff are fantastic, informative, professional, and empathetic. If only all other workers in services were like that. I found Minerva extremely helpful and resourceful.
  • The worker at Minerva was really supportive and gave me a lot of referrals which I found very helpful in getting my life on the right track. Staff really knows Family Violence.
  • I would just like to thank Minerva and the wonderful staff that has helped my family get our lives back on track.
  • Everything I learnt whilst being a client of Minerva was very useful. I learnt to have strength and that I was not alone. Thank you all for your help in creating a better life for me and my children.
  • I have had a wonderful experience with Minerva they have taught me that I can make it on my own. They have offered me help and support. Thank you for everything I will refer other women to you if they are going through family violence.
  • From the bottom of my heart I would personally like to thank Minerva for your time and patience. I am a worthy person and did not know how to end my abusive marriage. I got there in the end this is something I shall never forget for the rest of my life. Keep up your wonderful work Minerva.