Web Safety

Clearing History Cache

All web browsers save web page history information, it is important in a hostile environment to remove any evidence that may aggravate a dangerous situation.
After browsing Minerva's web page or any pages of similar content we strongly advise you remove the page history.

Ascertain the web browser you have installed
All web browsers (Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari) are different and the web history is found in different areas.


Click on History at the top of the screen, the drop down box will appear, DO NOT click clear history, this will remove all browsing history and may look suspicious.
Click on show all history, scroll through the list of web pages and right click on the web pages you want to remove then click delete.
Be sure to remove all webpages that could cause an argument or a dangerous situation e.g. minerva.org.au and any Police web sites etc.
DO NOT leave any History windows, Minerva's or Police websites open.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Open Internet Explorer click on tool in the menu bar, open internet options.
In the general tab, second field down is browser history, click on delete history and uncheck all fields apart from browser history. Click delete
Be sure to close all windows before leaving the computer.


Click on Tools in the menu bar, and select clear history
Close all windows when complete

Note: Following these steps may still not completely hide your browser activity - to be safe, it may be practical to access sites from the library, internet cafe or a trusted friend or family members computer.

Email Safety

It is important to ensure that no one other than you has access to your email account. If someone knows your password, they can check incoming and outgoing emails, deleted emails etc. Ensure you choose a password that will be hard for your partner to guess. Change your password regularly and immediately if you suspect someone has breached your account. If someone sends you threatening or harassing emails, they can be used as evidence - do not delete these. Print out copies and save these as evidence to substantiate your report of abuse to Police.